2 April 2008

why is the islamophobia?!

i dont understand.
is that so bad to have your neighbour a muslim!?
i've been living in my place for the past 20 years with few indian family lives like 20 feets away. We never break into problem and i am a muslim all my life.

why why.. someone like Geert Wilders who never a believer in Islam could produce ' 15-minute film, called "Fitna" and simply put his life in jeopardy. It is worthy to put his life in danger for a quarter hour of humiliation on Islam and the muslim world? Is he proclaiming himself a new messiah to start another crusade against moslem? Pls mr wilders, just stop.

Yes, i have to admit muslim around the world choose their different path.
you have someone like bin laden who think he is sent by God Almighty to fight US - Shame him
you also have someone like Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the king of saudi and also the protector of the holy land - dunno much about him but he is filthy rich!
you could also talk about my moslem brothers in darfur and ethiopia who are suffering for the lack of foods and nutritions - OIC, hello, anybody home?
and you also could talk about me.. yes, me a malay muslim who is living happily in harmony in my country without fears and prejudice.

but you choose to humiliate us in such way.. you are just an asshole.
my condemnation to you and i will stop buying dutch, do dutch, anything but dutch...
until you kneel down and apologise for the 'fitna' you've made against us and make every moslem your brother.

i am not strong as a person, but we are strong as an ummah. period.

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