28 May 2008

am i just not good looking?!

"sometimes the right person comes right in front of your eyes, you don't even know it"
Ok, this is not my original line to begin with. I re-quote from one of my favourite tv show then; smallville on episode 19 of season one.
..Lana went into the Kent's home only to find Clark in the kitchen. She were there to pick up something from Martha. They ended up with a conversation. Lana asked how' s everything going between Clark and Chloe. Clark replied that maybe there's something between them and he think they might go beyond just friend. It saddened Lana by the look on her face but she was very much try to hide it before she hit this punchline...
For those who are seeking love... maybe this is one good line to begin with. who knows your ladyluck?
after all i did mine on one pretty lady and we ended up being together... :D
"dont fall in love... RISE in LOVE"
...am i just not good looking?! *wink*wink*

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suhaimi sulaiman said...

very interesting moqq....