29 June 2008

My Kudos to MCA!

I had my copy of STAR today.
Even though the headlines was a 'double' shock, but i dont intend to talk on political game being played amongst Malay elites but rather put my hat's off to the president of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA).
Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting have put his intention public that he will not seek re-election for the presidency post. Oh my! that is one brave soul outthere. I am looking forward for such announcement made by our long serving DS Samy or even the now very unpopular yet still believe he is still have strong mandate. (You know who he is!)
For me this is a step forward by the MCA leaders to rejunevate their party. Even, this kind of effort have be championed all this while by Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting by reducing the period of term one MCA MP or ADUN could be. The reason is to cater a younger generation of leaders to take up the ladder and bring the party forward. I respect how MCA deals with this kind of situation and i do hope along the way, our UMNO and MIC could finally find the same solution in order to re-brand their politics.
Forget about his political agenda, his losing election campaign (only 15 MP from MCA), his snooping team to demolish his so called political 'nemesis' and other allegations against him. I believe what the president MCA did is the right call and noble as a politician.
Politician... you should know when to check in and how to get out! :)

picture courtesy of Group Chief Editor of The Star

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What is your opinion of people like these in MCA?


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