4 November 2008

media and spin doctors

I am flabbergasted to see how media could ever becoming a powerful tools to a certain 'parties' even in reality those who 'hold' these media seems have no power at all or should i say gradually losing power.

But with the fact that media-spin is a powerful tool and one could not afford to lose it, instructions were given to these spinners to do anything in their hand to keep hold and try projecting their beneficiary a good image.

Take a deep look at the upcoming UMNO election where candidates were never given the same shed of coverage in the media. Worst, some of candidates were merely remains as name while the towkeys were put in a position and praises like nobody business. pheww..

The spinners would do anything to stop/backlash/speculate any candidates that being considered a threat to their 'towkey'. Whilst the towkey always be given a strong coverage even they were not in the running position. I wonder whether the true press freedom is uphold in Malaysia, when spade is called a spade and black will never be white.

I hope it is not to late for us to look beyond our sel-fish needs and start thinking for others especially rakyat whose always put their faith and hope on us.

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