28 October 2008

one deepavali moment

scene 1 take 1
in the early morning of deepavali, we decided to hv our breakfast at one of the favourite restaurant in subang jaya -'fawwaz restaurant' known for its crispy roti canai and tasty roti sardine.

me and my other half came a bit later from home. Both my parent and other siblings were already there and hv placed order. The queue was surprising long as most ppl would be as lazy as us - prefer to have their meal outside on public holidays. :)

i saw my dad was reading his papers but i was mesmerised as he's reading 'suara keadilan'. hah hah hah. Not that he is jumping ship or whatever but suprisingly that was the only paper being sold on that particular day from one newspaper vendor nearby...

and i tingle him by saying,
"ayah, do you realise that whenever others were celebrating their 'hari raya', most of the daily system would be interrupted as what's happening today?! Most vendors are Indian and they are on leave, that's why we are short of newspapers."

"well son, it also the same with chinese new year! in fact it will turn from bad to worst as most of the transports, sales, trading and our daily transaction would be keep on hold." my dad added with a grin.

and i wonder if it would be the same on hari raya melayu? Whether the system would go haywire as it did on CNY and deepavali...
I dont think so.
in fact the system was so intact and perfect in order to fulfill the needs of the Malays for our raya celebrations.
Pheww, whether our own raya or anybody's raya, we (read:malays) always at the losing end. shessh!
To all my dear Indian friend, dont take me wrongly. I am not rascist, i only pity my own malay dilemma.

enjoy your diwali whilst it last. nadre vanakkam!


Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

hakikatnya, semua kaum ada rasa yang seperti itu..salam singgah.

Saiful Ambar Abdullah Ambar said...

Dok umah layan Hindi best woo..!! :)