15 October 2008

Life have taken full cycle

After 23 years at the helm, Dato' Seri Mohd Shariff Omar aka ayah has MADE to bid farewell as one of the glorious political sons in Penang history (apart from YB Anwar Ibrahim and YAB Pak Lah). He lost in his quest to retain his UMNO division head post which he has been holding since 1985.

It was not a good ending for a figure like ayah - someone who struggled all his 23 years of life to make TG a constituent as it is now. And he could ever be proud of his achievements; only to be shown the exit in such way. But this is politics.. this is umno style of democracy. *sigh*

I might be biased when talking about my own ayah, but I am proud of what he has done in our nationbuilding. Though he might not be as popular as the other two Penang's prodigal son but I always believe he has carry himself well in his own colourful way. His integrity, sincerity, spirit and of all his sacrifice will live on for the new generation to look upon and be inspired. Indeed, he has given hope for us to believe that 'hanya dengan semangat, keikhlasan, pengorbanan dan perjuangan, kita akan terus menjadi tonggak perjuangan dan harapan kepada orang orang Melayu'

He has left a legacy and a vacuum widely open, not knowing when it would be filled...

Selamat tinggal politik buat ayah...
selamat kembali ke sisi kami yang menanti.

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Saiful Ambar Abdullah Ambar said...

Salam Mohsein.

I feel sad for both of you and your Ayah. I can still remember when your Ayah was the Deputy Chief Minister and we invited him for a talk in our Prefect Course in 1996, he used to ask me "what is my father" and being said my father was a Pegawai Kastam, he then said, "then you have to be one level up, a Penguasa Kastam maybe". Selamat Maju Jaya for both of you.