25 October 2010

my first milestone. 10,000 and counting hits

I never anticipate my blog could reach a milestone by reaching its first 10,000 hits. Praise Al Mighty.
I m neither bragging nor find myself elevated to a new status by this achievement. If to compare with some other bloggers who has/could hits millions of viewers just in a nick of months; who am I to begin with?

But obviously that is not how I want to project myself. This blog has given me space to express myself, my happiness, my experience and my opinion about the event that happened around me and how I see things differently. That has been the way I write in this weblog ever since. 

I dont have to follow any rules, and obey to any political master when writing my thoughts. As long my conscience is clear and I feel right to blog about it, I will continue blogging.

I dont need myself to be known to express what's inside my heart, rite? This is my space and its your's truly territory. I want to continue writing as long as it give me the satisfaction that people do read my blog; albeit occasionally.

If any of my experience and thought did helps, i would be very grateful, if none of my thoughts is useful; you will know how crap I am. hahah

For all the support and love for making me a 10,000 hits blogger.

Thank you from within my 'liver' - pun intended - please watch eat.pray.love to understand. :)

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