20 October 2010

Veni, vidi, vici

I came, I saw, I conquered. 

There is only one man who came to Arsenal, become an Arsenal hero and scored a goal (not one but 2 with different club) against them. It was obvious he didn't feel good about it hence the non celebration but to his surprised, the respect he has given to the club was repaid by a standing ovation from the crowd with the fans chanting "Dudu! Dudu!"

Eduardo will always hold a special place in the heart of every Gunners Die hards. We are still sad that u left us but understood that u need more playing time in order to get back to your level best prior the horrific injury. Wish u the best in Shakhtar Donetsk. See u in Ukraine  in 2 weeks 

In the end we were happy that we won 5-1 and looking good to cruise to knock out stage of CL.

For now, let us give the respect to Eduardo, the number 9 player, a humble clinical finisher and one of the reason why i love Arsenal and still. 

the player

the game highlight

the tribute for a true footballer who just wanted to play football.

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