16 October 2010

Guess we never meant to be...


Today 16th October 2010, my Muhaimin turn a month. Yeay! He is really gaining much spending time at his nenek's doing nothing only milk, sleep and poo poo.

hi world!

I haven't seen him almost a week and look forward to spending time with him later tomorrow when I drive down to Pekan. -On my way from Penang now-. Thank goodness we hv technology to transfer data and pictures. Those pictures of him kept me occupied everyday in his absence. Tks to the wonder of MMS.

In all the happiness celebrating my son turn 1 month, I'm saddened to received a sorrow note. The passing of a friend who I never knew in person yet I always find inspiration and mesmerised with his photography works.

Taufiq Shariff - a guy who even share the same family name.

Some of our friend joked that we are brothers but I guess we never were to be in the end. 
His passing was due to brain tumor and cancer and I am deeply hurt that someone so talented and creative like him had an early call. I guess God's love supersede any humans love towards him. 

Nevertheless, we are still blessed by his presence in this world though on a short period. I believe he has live his life to the fullest and for all his photography wonders I just want to say my thank you.

I hope u will be happy up there, doing what u do best - Capturing beautiful moment and now very near to your 'Pencipta'

I am sorry for not taking the opportunity to know u better. To understand u as a person rather only acknowledge u by your works. Your passing will be a loss to world of creative photography, missed to your love ones, to your close friend and indeed to a complete stranger like me. However, you will always left sweet memories and have touched so many life.

Though we never know in person but the opportunity to have a conversation with u in FB, agreed on few things that happened in fotopages and successfully left my comment on your work on blogspot will be cherished as my best moment with you.

Now that you have left us, I guess I hv to see life differently. Not on a negative note but to seize every opportunity that come upon; carpe diem!

Taufiq Shariff; I guess we really never meant to be...
Death has do us apart. Al Fatihah
taufiq shariff  r.i.p. 
all pictures belongs to him and taken from his fotopages

In tears,
Mohsein Shariff
p/s: u can enjoy more of taufiq beautiful works at his blog.

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