12 September 2008

If this what you want, there you have it

Datuk Ahmad Ismail has been in the limelight the past 2 weeks. The controversy surrounding him in fact is not the first. He was the same person as the President of Sepaktakraw Malaysia who drew attention back then when the whole sepak takraw team withdrawn from Korat Games at the 11th hour. Interestingly, that was not much hype as it involved a MALAYSIAN team completely and somehow Sepak takraw has partly received as everybody's game not anymore a 'traditional and purist Malays sports'.

The latest controversy for this Bukit Bendera UMNO Head Division came down during one of his campaign speeches in Permatang Pauh by election. Whether he said it intentionally or 'a slip of tongue' in his context of "pendatang Cina pre Independence", it was quoted by one of Chinese Media two days later and created an uproar amongst the Chinese. Worst, his was pictured as a racist himself. From there on, all hell's gate brake loose and it was history. Dato Ahmad Ismail himself later was punished by UMNO -serving a 3 years suspension.

I don't want to indulge any further in this issue and we have seen consequences of such statement not only him, the BN component and worst, to the Malay.
Personally, i have to say this to him.

"Datuk, if you claiming yourself a fighter, you have to be brave and fight for yourself. Don't get others to be involved around you as it will look bad to other UMNO leaders. The fact that you mentioned in your press conference that all 13 Penang UMNO leaders are behind you shows some disperancies as I noticed not all UMNO Penang leader agree with your statement. Please don't make things difficult to save your ass because that is not a fighter's act!

Having said that, as you have received your punishment and you could accept it with open heart makes you are a true gentleman. Believing you have done nothing wrong and convince that the paper has misquoted you shown you are a man with principle - a rather missing element in other 'flip-flopping' Malay leaders nowadays.
At least you have the balls to say it rather than politicise it. For that you earn my respect. I hope you will be more careful with your word in the future and how I wish what you said the other day can be prolong in this context;

"...the Malays are pendatang too, but we come a bit earlier than the Chinese and Indian thus claim this beloved country, Tanah Melayu. Since we have considered ourself the tuan of this Tanah , dont you think we deserved to have a lil' bit of privilege? Is not that the others cannot gain interest from the tuan's privilege? In fact the others have been getting more than us but what we are requesting as the Tuan Tanah is some respect. We own this space and we are willing to share with others too!"

I believe all of us can lives with each other as long as we can respect our limitation and space on certain issues. I hope we could work towards maintaining Malaysian harmony and unity formula


Anonymous said...

i do agree with what you say bro. to me, all of us are pendatang, tell me 3 generations before us, where were you from? Me? Im for Sumatera and i'm not ashame to tell it! The only original people would most probably be, Orang Asli kot?

p/s---i have a feeling Arsenal's gonna get it la...heheh

kawaii_desu said...

when malays expressed their thoughts we are being said racist..

but when others comments on us, they're just being plain frank...

too soft, are we not?