28 September 2008

It will be a 'sweeter' hari raya after all

Pics of yester years...

This year 'syawal' celebration won't be any ordinary Aidil fitr. At least it will never be my typical First Day raya celebration. There wont be much hype about it becoz of the followings:

1. No 'Official' open house on the card to look forward.
2. A limitation of local 'kuih raya' and satay to taste for.
3. Children wont be flocking around for duit raya.
4. Low turnout from the regular guest.

hmmm, i wonder if i am all prepared for such new experience?
For sure it will be a small gathering of us. - anak2 shariff omar.

I am looking forward to enjoying the new 'life'. Not that i am anti social or whateva but in the last 20 over years, i have been a loyal servant to my Dad open house on EVERY 1st day Hari raya! (except my study years and of course last year at my in law's). Welcoming guest, offering foods and giving out 'duit raya' was part and parcel of yester-years. It was a great memories indeed but over the years it has become one 'stereotype act' of me - the same old script which u have to go through years after years without fail. (except my study years and of course last year at my in law's, :b)

I never anticipate it will stop so soon. At least not this year. The fact my wifey never had her hand of the excitement on how we celebrate our eid disappointing me a bit.
Never mind. She will have her share in the future, I hope. *grin*

This year syawal will be a new kind of celebration, anyway. It will be more time for 'us' (read: anak2 shariff omar) to spend more quality time together. There will be more time for mohon maaf session with mom and dad. There will be more time also for a family potrait in our dashing baju melayu's and there will be more time to sit down and enjoy our raya meals.

And most important, there will be enough precious time for us in each other's company- PRICELESS ... I could only smile and be grateful. :)

"Rupanya inilah hikmah kurniaan dari tuhanku.. "

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