7 June 2010

June would be an exciting month

June always has a place in our family's heart. Early part of June is to commemorate mom. Her birthday falls on the 4th of June. I can recall that mom's birthday fall the same date as Agong birthday and it's a public holiday back then but recently Agong has 'reschedule' his birthday to 5th, hence the celebration for mom has tone down a little bit. Sorry mom. 

The middle month of June is another birthday celebration and it's Ayah's birthday. His birthday falls on the 15th and coincidently my mother in law also celebrate her birthday  too. Suprisingly Yusry KRU also celebrate his birthday on the 15th and a lesser known figure, abg boy (my cousin) share the same day. Pheww what a day to be born, eh?

In the month of June, a list of friends also celebrating their birthday. Chacha share the same birthday as Mak (4th), Wiera (5th) Cikun (6th), Kichi (10th), Apek (11th). From 21st to 25th June onwards, Sam, Bunyok, Cop , Your truly and Benut will celebrate our birthday subsequently. Not to forget Eena celebrating her on the 28th. Thank you facebook for the birthday reminder!

But the best day of all should be 24th June lah coz that would the day the music wont die. Yours truly will celebrating this year's birthday in style. Wearing a memento from s africa. :P

Ahh.. Syigim a good wife to my good friend also share the same birthday with me. So that'll make us the indisputable duo. 

What else good in June?
World cup fever is coming to town. what else u expect?


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