15 June 2010

I'm blogging from south africa

Hello there,

This is my 5th day in South Africa. I never perceive S Africa is such
a nice country until I saw its beauty with my own eyes. No wonder the
whites like to make South Africa their homes and thankfully now
everyone can accept and respect each other rights and regards S Africa
as their home country.

I was mesmerised with its progress after only 16 years being free from
Apartheid. The people has done a great job in making S Africa what it
is today. No wonder people got jealous and I, myself regard S Africa a
true example of good governance nation amongst African country. When
FIFA announced S Africa as the host for this year world cup, it make every citizen of Africa prouder.

We stayed in a small town call Rushnee. A small comunity of S African
from Indian origin live peacefully there. They has been a good host to
all of us. A muslim brothers that really put Islam values beyond
colours and skin. Now I see Islam as a way of life in a different
angle, a more beautiful angle. What different us with them is they are
not just practising Islam, they live their life with Islamic values.
From helping each other to entertain their guests, to always keep
their solah on time, they are absolutely have Islam in their heart.
For me, I can only describe them as a muslim that never have prejudice
on others, who will receive fellow muslim brothers with good thoughts
and open heart. I wish I could be something like them.

I enjoyed my first world cup experiencing in Jberg. We watched Holland
against Dennmark that ended Holland won. I can't wait to watch another
game. It will be in Durban

I am on my way to Durban. It will be another exciting trip to look
forward. Till then salam

15/06/2010 1700H
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arab said...

bro...jangan lupa ole ole dari sana. dpt beli jersey brazil kat sana pun ok gak.....heheheheh