10 June 2010

It will be a blast trip... I do hope

This would be my pre world cup posting before my tour to South Africa. I am all excited for the trip yet still has some worries as many works undone are left behind. Furthermore, my beloved could not join me coz she might not be permitted to trespass the plane with somebody  in the womb, shame u all airlines!

I will be accompanied by my younger brother and both of us will explore a journey to enjoy the first world cup ever being organised in African continental. I believe South African will be one of the best host nation and all over the world would want to have the best celebration with goals and dramas throughout the month.

This is my 2nd world cup experience after korea/japan 2002. I would anticipate it would be a better one. Fingers crossed.

I'll be watching three games that will involve 3 best teams in the world at the moment.
14th June Netherlands v Denmark
16th June Spain v Switzerland
20th June Brazil v Ivory Coast

I hope I can find place to update my blog throughout my stay..
till then. jeng jeng jeng. :)

my precious ticket in Korea

me and taufiq lost in translation @ suwon city stadium

enjoying with Korean lads after winning against mighty Italy on golden goal rule

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