24 June 2010

I am another older again.

Ouch it seems the numbers keep going up. It will be another number tag in me for another year before new number clock in. There will no stopping for the number only if my body decide to stop and I know that would be time out for me.

Age is another number game. I tend not to take it hard. For me as long you enjoy your life and put things straight, age will be a golden ticket for happiness. I am intend to pursue that route and I am doing it with my family all behind me.

Thank you for all the warm wishes today; I found it odd to receive so many happy returns only after I reach 31. Thanks again to FB for a gentle reminder to my circle of friend. Sometimes I wonder if this evolution of  communication will bring the best of all or it will simply regarded as another tools to fulfilll one life.
I wouldnt know the answer. I can answer that when I reach forty. I hope

Till then, it will be another enjoyable event of my life. I had my birthday blast earlier in S Africa, that would be another story to tell in another time.
For now, I am a super bloody 31 years old  bimbo.. darn

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