7 July 2010

Taking Charge and Chance

Someone ask me to write something about my experience in South Africa to a travel journo. Ahaks. I find it amusing for me to write for a journalist as I have my blog space here to share my story to the world. Maybe that will be a different kind of write up and experience altogether but taking that chance; I don't see myself fit.

I always see myself as second best, in other word I can be the best no 2 to no 1. I never project myself taking charge and chance. I prefer to be someone anonymous who would get job done. That's where I see myself best. However it's unfortunate of me; God have given me a physical that everyone could see miles away and that make me visible all the time. I wish I could hide in my invisible robe sometimes...

But some people think that I have the potential to unleash. It's a matter of the right time at the right place. I dunno, I can never predict the future. For now the path I am taking is straightforward. Just get some food on the table would be enough, I don't set high ambition for power nor stature.. 

I just want to have a normal life like others... life that won't  play judge upon me after all.

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joven said...

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