8 August 2010

Trust yourself and keep believing.

I've been avoiding this space for quite some time. No good reasoning for that and I still couldn't do away with my guilt for not penning on this space. Nevertheless, let's not get there coz what more important is the posting today.

My encounter with my former preparatory school (prep school) prefect whom I haven't met since he left school in 1992 is a better talking point. Coincidentally, me and Ahpek were at SME expo last Friday and we bumped into him at the same exhibition hall. In fact he's the one who approach us first! After so many years, surprisingly he still can recall us by name. Hence, we decided for a coffee chat before his next meeting elsewhere. Furthermore, It always good to start back one good relationship with the person who indirectly has shape your life in MCKK. ;)

Ruzaimi Mat Rani or best known to us as 'Fect Mimi' stay with us, the first formers in prep school for a year. He was the first fifth former we encountered the first day we arrived in MCKK. I can still remember his commanding voice telling us to get ourselves ready for Maghrib that day after we shed tears saying goodbyes to our families. And those honest look in his eyes had gave us an assurance - 'now you are a young boy embarking a new chapter of your life; so don't worry coz everything would be just fine'. His charisma did well to this young boy that day at least.

Amongst the 5 prefects, Fect Mimi was the most experience as he, himself has been a prep school prefect since 1991. Fect Mimi was also well respected amongst his fellow batch mates as he was the president for his batch 8892. Even though he only stayed in big school as third former for a year, he had prepared us well about life we would expect as an MCKK student especially our later years in Big School which definitely will shape our future.

He always instill the believe that we should be proud of ourselves as 'budak koleq' and never look ourselves as level as other SMS school. However, this was later retracted by him after he realised the statement was too harsh on other school and make us look snobbish, as he always believe MCKK student must show humility in everything we do without having to hurt other people feeling. Again, this was one of the few episode I can recall about one prefect whom I respect a lot. For me, he is a true example of a guy, a fellow collegians you could always look high on and you could get an inspiration from.

Our recent conversation is more about life we are heading now. Fect Mimi just quit his job as an architecture lecture in UIA and started his own firm. He has spent his 8 years doing Bachelor of Architecture and a Master programme. He's even in his Phd programme. He has published books about architecture and drawings in which all have got recognition from international publisher. We shared lot of ideas and advice about my company new project in Nilai. I somehow relentlessly telling him how difficult it was to start a plant albeit with all the grant and funds and he keep smiling along the way approving. Nevertheless, he is so supporting and positive about the project. Not disregarding all his tips and advice about design, branding and marketing, there is one thing that really hit me when he said, "If you have the believe in your product, things will take place naturally and it will work out. Trust yourself and keep believing"; Again smiling. He shared his experience about how hard for him to start writing his book but he always has this belief in himself that one day he will complete his book. And he did 3 books.

That is Fect Mimi for you. A person who is not just brilliant and intellectual yet very humble. I'm sure he made a hefty lot from his 3 books but he don't go overboard about his achievement. He just kept true to himself and live one ordinary life with a sense of an extraordinary beliefs in himself...

p/s: u can find his works in here. This is part of his giving back to the society and govt who sponsored his education. 

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