15 August 2010

The new season has begun!

After so much anticipation and patience plus the world cup hangover already over, now we are back to the real football. EPL season 2010/2011. It's going to be a massive season to many teams especially those teams who'd try to topple the 3 big teams (not big four anymore!) and become the new elites in English Football. We will see how these ambitious teams will end up at the end of the season.

Who'll be demoted this season? Who'll cast the biggest upset? Who'll crack under pressure. There will be too much drama to bare.... i m loving it already. :)

And which team will yours truly be supporting this season? none other than the team that build champion rather than the team that buy champions. Arsenal the gooners it is! yeay

and why they deserved better? becos what they have gone through last season and still finished 3rd best team.
Yeah babeh, they are good. This clip might  recall u a bit about their beautiful game.

taken from youtube and copyright to charmdes

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