25 February 2010

Green Beret, Blue Lagoon, Red Wine and Yellow Submarine dushh!

Things happening with a cause. It may take a toll of one self but somehow you have to move on and do self reflection. There ought to be light at road's end  and one has keep to keep on believing. It's only a matter of time before you could  prove yet again,  the potential and drive is still burning strong inside you. Until then, hope and only hope remained.

I need the get out of my daily struggling routine. Embarking to a new height that make me feel good once again. Yeah, the feeling of "i m not just good; i'm damn great!" that used to conquer me. I want to feel that again; menginjak pada tanah yang sama.. bernafas pada udara yang sama! like old time sake. I need an inspiration.. but how?!

Photog used to be my forte and i guess getting back to the root might create some spark. I may not doing dslr as often as others but having said that wont stop me either from getting great pictures with my new toy; pen!
so here's the great (as claimed) idea by adik to start shooting again. Each of us ( i mean kich; tony; messa and adik) will start to shutter 1 picture everyday for the whole week and everyone of us is assigned with different colours. Tony on GREEN Kich on Blue, Me on RED and adik will pick YELLOW. And let see how this 1 assignment will end uP. Let see who's still have the desire to push to their limit and get themselves inspired.

let us Shutter happy once again! :)

p/s: salam maulidur rasul. Hopefully there will be marching parade in red! :)

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