26 February 2010

Happy birthday my lovey smoochie smoochie thing, :P

As the clock ticked midnight, my milla will celebrate her last standing year as a twenty-something lady. Life as twenty-something foxy lady is full of expectation and excitement and I am sure she will sorely miss that period of her life. Having said that, the future that lies ahead of her isn't bad either . It is still worth to fight for, sayang.

It's going to be a tough ride after this, i can assure you.  In addition to your current commitment dealing with mother nature I'm sure you will suffer a little bit. Dont worry too much my dear, I promise I will be by your side during the patch time. We shall overcome whatever God's plan for us; come what may. Yes, we shall embark this journey together. I'll be there to defend you from throngs of adoring fans, I'll be there to lift you up when you couldn't reach and  I give myself wheneever you are down and need the inspiration.

For now, cheer up! Sit tight and enjoy this dedication on your 29th birthday. Happy birthday dear.

p/s: i hope you could see the resemblance between me and michael from that very angle.

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Anonymous said...

thankiu my sayyang..always remains yours..forever..insyaAllah may Allah bless us..