3 February 2010

JAL go bust

It was indeed a heartbreaking news when i heard JAL, the official airline of Japan, the proud flagship of the Japanese is going down bankrupt. When the new elected government decided they will no longer going to bail out the ailing company with debt has gone to $25 billion, it's only a matter of time when JAL has to call it a day.

On 19 January 2010, JAL filed for bankruptcy protection and vowed to slash more than 15700 jobs and unprofitable destination in order to survive. Lucky the airline will remain operation thanks to some state backed fund but with condition a new board and management take charge.

One would wonder how on earth I would care about the ailing airline. I am no Japanese nor having  any Japanese friends. I only fall in love with Japanese movies and the pretty actresses. Akira Kurosawa was one of my favourite movie director and I love his works in Roshomon and Seven Samurai. That basically cover my interest about Japan. 

Nevertheless, I have a memento that will always put JAL somewhere in my heart. Yes, i used to be a 'captain' of the ship.  Yes, i have proof. see.

 me the capt! and my chiake 
oohooii :):):)

Update 8/2/2010: by request of the father who sponsored captain Moqq's trip on JAL, the other siblings also managed to don JAL uniform likewise. Hence their picture should be published for the record. Huh. :P

  the little sistas when they were little.

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Comelnya Capt dan chiake nya..