15 May 2010

Farihah Idris Wedding Reception

Today is an auspicious day for some. My cousin got married and everyone of us are here to grace her reception.

It's hard to get everyone together and opportunity like this don't come easy hence to hv most of relatives for the event was truly fantastic.

My dad is from a large family of 7. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He is the fifth of the family. God bless all of his siblings still alive and kicking. The event bring them together once again.
They were very close before and even closer now. With children all grown up in front of their eyes and now counting grand children, life never been exciting to each and every one of them albeit some up and down over the years

Today was a happy day for paksu idris's family, the youngest. They accept a son in law in their family. As our nucleus family grow older, I wish the bonds that tie us as family last to the next generation. God's will.

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