25 March 2010

The pros and cons of having bberry @ your side

I have compiled a list of pros and cons of having blackberry. I m not discouraging but as a reminder for those who are interested to have one.

The pros
1. Look smart and up to date (kata smartphones)
2. News @ palm of your hand 
3. Can fb, ym, gtalk,whatsapp etc in one go
4. PIN sharing
5. Always advance on latest gossips, soccer results
6. Rest go figure

The cons
1. Cannot focus on the road
2. Red lights syndrome
3. Time wasting and consuming
4. Lost of quality time w love ones
5. Short battery life
6. Need to update OS frequently
7. Sometimes left hang w/o notice
8. Complicated to ordinary users
9. Too many shortcuts
10. Camera quality questionable

In conclusion, too many cons.
In other word, please keep your nokia 3210 as backup! :p

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