29 March 2010

Sembang Kerjaya in Pokok Machang

Saiful and I discussed the other day over lunch on how tough it be to decide our career path right after SPM. Both agreed that during those days we were naive to decide what profession best suited us. Instead we both have taken a different journey to reach what we are now. Saiful, a practice lawyer  has set up his own firm whilst I, an engineer by qualification has embark into entrepreneurship.

me and saiful 

Now both of us collaborate again as Saiful sits as legal advisor for my company. 

13 years on ( after result SPM 96), we still feel the current  students face the same dilemma as ours. They may find it difficult to choose their career path based on their SPM results albeit how excellence they are. The percentage got even higher to the average students who might score 'cukup makan' for their SPM. Feeling obliged to give back to the society, I suggested to him why don't we have a career talk with these students and share with them our experience and some tips to choose a prospective course; in other word we are encouraging these students to pursue their dreams by pursuing their studies in higher learning education. 

The date and time is set and last Saturday ought to be the day we organised a program called 'Sembang Kerjaya'. In my capacity as Pokok Machang UMNO youth leader, we collaborated with Pusat Aktiviti Kanak Kanak to give career talk to the target group; SPM students and post SPM students. Saiful was invited as panel speaker with Dr Subri Tahir, a lecturer from UiTM  as the other speaker. Both did well in explaining to these young Malay students the importance to choose the right profession and course. They also  emphasized on how our decision now would reflect our life in the future. We also did a group session as well to listen and interact directly with the students and try to understand their issues and shortcomings. I was very  pleased with the turnout and I was very happy that we have organised such event to give the opportunity to my kampung comrades on the importance to pursue their academic learning. By doing so they are not only uplifting their life but also their families life.

Dr Subri a lecturer with UiTM Penang

Dr Subri making his point

We are 10 years short from Vision 2020. We need to pace up in order to fulfill  the dream of  becoming a developed nation. I am sure these young people will fill the gap of human capital of this country. They are the future of our country.

I can see myself in them.

Small group to focus on career prospect

Last word for this year event. We shall see u again next year. I hope.

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