14 April 2010

P1 WIMAX not going forward. shesh!

I am so not recommending P1 wimax as  internet/WIMAX connection provider. It has been 2 weeks and my connection was never back to the expectation of a WIMAX license holder, chaitt! I was dupe of having WIMAX since it was so easy to connect without me need to have a telecom land line. This is what they have been promoting through their ad but indeed it was a real failure.

Enticing the public to change to P1 without the company themselves not having a proper infrastructure to cater the increasing demands of traffics was simply irresponsible and I am way pissed with the whole business approach. 

It is time for us as users to make known our rights for 70% internet access to this bugger provider and ask them to keep their promise to Govt on giving the best service. Otherwise thier license should be revoke. Let them know our consumers rights.

Damn.. mmg marah sbb i miss to update my blog for so long.

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