12 May 2011

my rambling on facebook. hahah

It amused me that we would argue more on petty issue such non presence till end of assembly rather than try to seek knowledge of what actually transpired from the speech. It just showed lack of depth and understanding about the more pertinent matters that need to be clarified and discussed.

KB is not answerable to only one person but he and the committee are accountable to all TG UMNO members.

UMNO as a party must not only be perceived as clean but must uphold integrity at the highest level in order to continue receiving resounding support from Malays grassroots.

If UMNO fail to do so, the perception of UMNO struggles for the Malays 'Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya' will slowly fade away.

Let's argue more on that, shall we?
And Happy 65th anniversary UMNO!

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