25 January 2010

That's my super gran!

My grandma, Tok experienced her first stroke attack 3 weeks ago. It was a mild hit but having said that; at the age of 76, she suffered the attack in agony. She lost control of her right upper body and fainted after her blood pressure hit 180/120. Lucky she did not collapse head down and my sister and auntie were around when the unfortunate happened. She survived another day and we were thankful to God. Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

After the news came to us, my family rushed back to Penang and very concern about her health. Again, she showed a strong will to overcome her condition and illness and never let us worry about her so much. Being the eldest daughter, my mom is obliged to look after my Tok. However being Tok; she never wanted to leave her home in Pala Bukit and live with us in KL. For her, her mengaji and bardah are most important rather spend time doing absolute nothing in KL. Furthermore, she would miss her mengaji friends and her 2 great grandsons whom she cook dinner almost everyday. She has made a point for my sister to come back to her house for dinner every weekdays. That's my Super Gran

Tok was a single mother at the age of 28. In order to feed her 2 children, she worked as a labour with Jabatan Pertanian in the morning and was stationed at Bukit Merah, Permatang PauhTok was one of the pioneer labour who cultivated R&D paddy such as padi mahsuri and padi malinja which were popular in those days. Whilst in the evening, she'd continue to earn money by renting  1/2 relong of  bendang at her village. That's how she managed to send my mom to Sekolah Melayu Kampung Baru until she graduated as a teacher in teacher's college and my uncle to an English School in Bukit Mertajam. Her struggle to upbring 2 children alone during that difficult period was something i could not imagine myself  doing yet she and  the kids survived.

By mid 1980s, when my family were better off and my mom already settled as a teacher. My dad decided it was high time to ask Tok to retire and let her spend more time learning Islamic Studies rather than one hard job in the paddy field. She then became a full time Quran Teacher for our Kampung Folks.

Tok was a strong character herself. Maybe because of the life and experience she went through. Nevertheless she remained the loving and caring tok to me. I still remember herself coming back home after a tiring day at work with her hand full of basket (her thermos and tupperware of her lunch meal) she brought along. Yet all the tiredness and weary seem shoved away when she saw us coming towards. We would be shouting "tok balik, yeay.. tok balik yeay" and all in her eyes was a clear joy. That moment have lived through me over these years, tok

When we did a scan on her brain (MRI) and other relevant medical checkup, we found out there was a tiny blood clot on her left brain that explained her right body's numb . Her blood pressure remained high but apart from that she has a healthy heart and kidneys. Again, we were relieved. The doctor advised her to take some rest and gave her medical prescriptions. She also has to start physiotherapy session in order to recover and stay fit. Indeed she was very positive and told the doctor that she will go back and teach Quran lesson once she get better.

Like Old Habit Die Hard, Tok is recuperating well,
now she even can raise her right arm and walk slowly.
Tok, you are coming back soon. I am convince.
You are one helluva Super Gran! Love u.

me and tok years ago ( myself in standard six!)

tok in happier time

tok in her element.

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mill said...

Hmm bertuah tok dapat cucu2 yang mau jaga die time die memerlukan..kene support..n berila kasih sayang kepadanye..sbb die seorg 'tok' yang tiada galang gantinye..