30 June 2009

Ask Morkymoqq (3) : How MC96 fair in Futsal Tourney?

Last weekend, the annual MCOBA Futsal was held in Subang Sportplanet. Team 96 consists of 8 enthutiastic players whom believe they still got a go in Futsal present themselves as early as 8.30 am sunday morning. The mood was pretty casual. It seems everyone of us has set our goal in reaching the finals no matter what stage it would be (cup/plate). it was a bit unfortunate this year as our hell of a manager wasnt around to manage the team thus yours truly has acted as manager in charge for the tourney hoping he will break a jinx and make MC96 proud again. For the record Mc96 won cup competition once in 2007 and the sweet memories of winning the pretigious cup was still fresh in one's mind.

The players were all focus for the competition. Our captain, Zef came a bit later with his usual excuses but since he's the boss... what the heck!. We started our game with not enough kit to wear. Our traditional man utd it went missing. Some has to wear other red shirts just to look the same. Things were not good since the beginning. The sign was there for us to see. We started our game against our senior MC94. In a typical fashion of a first gamer, everyone got little bit shackle. The lack of composure proved vital as Che where missed his first chance on goal. It could be a different game altogether had our 'torres' produced a more clinical finish. When you miss a great chance you'll make to pay for it. We conceded a goad in set piece. It was a collective mistake for not man marking the opponent and we made to pay the price. Final whistle MC96 0 - MC94 1.

The 2nd game was betweem MC96 with MC97 again resulting the same scoreline. Again, we were down by a setpiece goal and we were penalised for not tightly man marking. MC97 capitalise on our lack of focus and got their goal with only two shots on target. We needed to show our true grits. We need to comeback in the 3rd game. If we ever to lose, that would be the end of it. Fortunately, the team re focus and get things going. With an early goal, we managed to find our rhythm and played our game. We were more organised this time and managed to slot four times past the helpless keeper of MC99. This was a good comeback for the lads. Final score MC96 4 - MC99 0. The last game in premilinary round was vital, it will determine the standing for us to proceed to the next stage. Unfortunately, battling against junior team 10 years younger took a tolls of ourselves. We were well beaten 1 to 3 in the last game and ended fourth in the grouping. We conceded that we were only a deserving plate quaterfinalist. :(

In the quater final stage, we were beaten again by 2 goals margin. So that was the end of it folks for MC96 journey. I think the best to conclude for the whole outings, we were outwitted by better teams. We were not good enough.. and we are VETERAN materials after all. sob.. sob.. sob..

Finals result who's who got to be champion is here
congrats guys!

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