8 June 2009

good tourney, great turnout.

I have mastered the art of juggling! 10 months has gone by and I am still standing to help my 'young guns' kampung folks to organise event after event. It is a tiring act altogether but to see everything in place and the whole event go through with only slightest hiccup; that is a great accomplishment for me.

My young kampung lads are enthusiastic as I am when it comes to organising things. We are the different bred who never want to see ourselves as another ordinary kampung lads. We believe in putting ourselves on better ground. We excel not just in our academic front but of course in the social activities in our Kampung. And I am proud to have these young lads who feel and believe they can do it. Yes, a small kampung MALAY boy can do it.. and why not?!

We started the week with a co joint Yassin recital and tahlil with the qariah mosque. Even though the turnout was low as usual, but i felt sense of pride to see my fellow qariah brothers could overcome their job routine and join us. We concluded our malam yasin with a little 'kenduri pulut durian' for everyone to enjoy in the end.

Teams showing their skills and wits

Our karnival Syioknya Futsal kicked off on Saturday morning. The day was as bright as it get with the heat was overhelming. 17 teams registered for the 2 days tourney and we expect tough draws from each teams. As usual i have to juggle my time between futsal and my other comitment. First there was a kenduri of my ex rotu comrade in Kepala Batas and later I have to joined my family for a marriage reception at Pala Bukit. It was hectic! and hot too...

And not to turn down pone invitation to his brother wedding, me and milla sped off our way to Balik Pulau only arriving at 6pm after most of the guest already left the kenduri. Lucky I have Che Yah, Eena and Fendi waiting and we had a good conversation reminisced our way back in Cardiff circa 2002-2003. Syed did join us later afterwards but i could not stay put and excused myself as i had one qariah masjid meeting to attend for our latest program 'jom p masjid'

Those who'd made time to show their support

Sunday was really tiring after yesterday hectic scheduled. As we only have 8 teams left for the final spot. Things get a little ease. We even managed to slot time for boys under 12 supervised by En Zul who was such a sport to participate and sponsored some prizes. As we were heading to the final at 1.30 pm, i just could not stop thinking.. the path i'm taking was rather enjoying minus the tiring and i feel glad i was part of it. Not to put another legacy in my high achievers years but rather giving a hand to these young lads and made them believe in themselves. The seeds has been planted and now it's time for them to prove that they are afterall hope of our kampung's men.

little capt Fabregas was on the pitch

Van der saar did his thing.

Johan of the day

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