5 June 2009

Fighting corruption with bribery (in the name of reward?)

The Penang government had made another step ahead of the other state government counterpart by introducing a reward scheme called 'i'. In summary, this integrity scheme is offered to all Penang state government civil servants who came forward and reveal any wrongdoings and graft within government departments in its bid to achieve zero corruption. The rest of the story is on star online.

Voila! This is a very interesting offer altogether. In fact, RM10,000 can do wonders at this current state of time. Even though the amount is not as much as United States USD 25 million reward for Saddam Hussein capture (which is nobody got it) but the modus operandi for seeking information is more rather the same. I wonder how close this Penang government with the people at the helm of US govt back then?!

What is rather amusing is how Y.B. Mahfuz Omar ( Pas VP candidates) was backing Sdr Lim Guan Eng on this effort. He reitirated how the scheme could save millions of government money and the need to implement the scheme in a wider scenario to fight corruptions Bravado Y.B. !

I always thought we should have a clear conscience in this matter. How would the MACC react on this? Shouldn't this be a method and approach of MACC all these while to fight corruption, should they? Are we now trying to say "We need to reward people for all the good works". Should we draw a line between great values of honesty, sincerity and sacrifice with gratitute, namesake and self proclaimed, shouldn't us?

I wonder what Y.B. Mahfuz would response if the scheme was first introduced by UMNO-led government. I am sure it will be 'Inilah kerajaan rasuah terus beri rasuah'! tagline altogether. How one world can be a good spinner for the sake of one self interest.

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