15 June 2009

Food for thought...

The Iranian call it fraud against an elected govt
The Burmese what Aun Syu Kyi release to uphold democracy
The British want their premier outsed for MP wrongdoings
The Indian lauded new government in the largest democratic nation
The Korean warns against each other about danger of going to war
The Ceylonese dances all night at the fall of LTTE
The Fillipinos ask the president to go cha cha in favour of her another term in presidential palace
The Indonesian cried foul against Ambalat
The Malaysian made another mockery of themselves in the August House.

All are in the cry of democracy...
but these people simply ignore the essence of democracy that lies within;

For those who lost is not losing all.. for those who win, shall have to serve all... embrace..
Please respect democracy... as it lies within us.

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