21 June 2009

Dad turned six two!

My dad turned 62 last monday. He looks 5 years younger to his age. He is lean and fit; due to a strict regime of routine exercise almost every morning. He is a retired politician but never stop being one i.e. still listen and talks politics, always helping those who in need especially those going for civil job interview which need him to extend one call away, giving recommendation to respective institution to whom a title should bestowed and many many other kerja turun padang. He never fail to become a gentleman he is.

At the age of 62, he is deserving a happier life after extending his services to the nation for the past... i dunno 36 years (comprising a tenure in MCS, ADUN and MP). He is now devoting his life to his one and only beautiful wife of 33 years and spend more time with his 6 children and 2 grandchildren. Life is always been great after all for him. Alhamdullilah

This year is also a very remarkable year for him. He is more relaxed than ever and spend his time preciously. He can now do function, meeting and lucheon appointment at his own will and never is obliged to other commitment except for his current tenure as the Chairman of few respectable companies such as Sukimi Oil and Sturgeon Inc. Apart from that he remains as ordinary citizen as everyone else settling himself in Subang Heights.

Yeah, that is my great dad life adventure. I'm happy to say that he has fulfill his life journey and now almost arrive at his destination. A truly statesman who devoted himself to the people once now longed to have a greater life with his family.

For that i truly salute you dad.. you are always my inspiration and the quintessential figure respected and adored by friends and foe. Above all, you are my loving father.

Selamat hari lahir ke 62, ayah..
and a happy father's day too

salam sayang,

In one of his 6 elections as candidate.

He was conferred one of the darjah kebesaran Penang.

He is now.

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anisism said...

happiest burpday pakteh! semoga panjang umo murah rezeki dan sihat-sihat selalu!