22 January 2008

cafe minuel - tribute to one.

this is a story about one small cafe situated just opposite cardiff castle. Every single day of my 2nd year in wales capitol, i would passby the small cafe to my lectures. It's one of the cafe i would stop over for lunch with pleasure of the serene settings. The owner, an italian migrant himself is very fond with classical music. Every space of cafe minuel represent his desire on classical tunes. Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin to name a few is part of his cafe concept and he managed to blend them well with his specialties in italian cuisine.

I can recall how he named his special trademarks pasta with his classico idols. Every single one of them carved nicely in the menu as minuel's tribute to their music contributions. And the menu was nicely rolled , like a declaration scroll of the past...cliche.

my, my... the pasta is darn good as well. Spaghetti maddame butterfly.. the one that i am still craving till now. The one that make me fall in love with pasta.. the one that left me thousand miles away... still clear in my mind..
i wish someday, i hv the opportunity to go back and have another round of minuel's special..
wishlist -2008

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