1 January 2012

My 20 best moments on lense 2011

Though 2011 has left us, I managed to keep some memories in moment best captured through my lenses. Whether it's photographed by me or my other half didn't matter as long it was from my 2 babies, Nikon D300 and Olympus PEN-1. :)

This selections are based on 20 folders I kept and I have to select the very best of it to represent each folders n months I took the liberty to be behind the lenses.

Hope these pictures can be a motivation for better pictures in year 2012. I hope world doesn't last as yet!

a very strong look from 4 months muhaimin. -Jan 2011
Faezah on her engagement day - Jan 2011

Milla n muhaimin enjoying doli

Tok abah n Muhaimin on his Aqiqah - Feb 2011

at the beach Pekan, Pahang - March 2011

our stay in Penang Island.  - April 2011

Someone happy on his graduation - May 2011

Southern trip, Malacca n Johore - May 2011

Amin n his first fight! - June 2011

Celebrating 64 years ayah - June 2011

amin n his naughtiness - June 2011 

Gunners in our hearts, Tigers are our souls - July 2011

amin's first sand bathing at his nenek's - July 2011

Our iftar gathering n reunion - August 2011

Aidilfitri together - Sept 2011

Yunus n muhaimin in Kota Bharu - Oct 2011

Amin got his legs at Khai's wedding - Oct 2011

My RWC New Zealand trip - Oct 2011
Olde Smoke House Cameron - Dec 2011

Amin Muhaimin my precious I love u
Cheerio. Happy New Year

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