6 September 2009

Angel & Demon inside us

Queen Latifah held a feast at her palace on the 15th night of Ramadhan. Me and lady marmalade were invited to the event. We were eager to be there and look forward to eating Queen Latifah's specialty as such her trademark 'rendang kambing' which she usually cast her magic sprinkle and cook with great love in memory of her late loving husband... People always say, cooking with 'kasih sayang' always bring the best of the food. I couldn't agree more. No wonder lady marmalade's cooking always sedap2 (ambil hati wifey konon). ;)

It was unfortunate of us. Time was not on our side. We were darn late for the occasion hence missed the breaking fast. However, out of respect to the queen, we still make our way to her palace. I myself felt obliged to be there and give face. After all, Queen Latifah is a regular client whom have been very supportive to my business. Therefore, missing her event is out of question!

After solat isya' and tarawih at nearby mosque. We made our way to hers. Her majesty herself was there to accompany us during makan2. It was a very warmth affair. We stayed late at her palace and spent time chatting about the late arwah. Her majesty had just lost her soul mate and her true love. It's so obvious part of her strength was disappearing yet she was determined to carry on the empire they have built together for many years.

As we were enjoying watching movies with her majesty, came a call from devil wears prada! Huh, it has been a while since I last hear from her. I thought it was just a plain missed call which I am obliged to return later but then, came another call from her which I simply ignored again! muhaha. The demon inside stop me from picking her call and I have to figure all the reasons for not answering her call.

Surprisingly, a third call from devil wears prada came and I was in dispute with lady marmalade for not answering her earlier. We were giving our respect to the Queen and would not want to interfere her great hospitality answering some calls, mind you!

At the corner of my eyes between not answering the 3rd call, I catch a glimpse of the devil wears prada herself jumping like mad cat near the entrance. Waduh, we sensed trouble after being caught red handed by her.

Devil wears prada was on her way to sent lady in black home when she noticed our car. She deliberately turned back to seek us since we were at her area without notifying her. There were a small scuffle and lengthy explanation to make due to our ignorant and at last we resigned the best possible way to settle this issue was by having a late supper together so we said goodbye to the Queen and head ourselves at the nearest 'not a starbuck' kopitiam.

Indeed we made up and agreed an amicable solution which both party can accept and honour. Thank goodness lady in black was there and became our mediator. Otherwise, I could not imagine how devil wears prada would react. (maybe kami kena cakar kot?!) Nonetheless, it's all ended well and we were all happy to settle with a cup of white coffee.

Moral of story:
1. Never park your car at the roadside.
2. Change your hp number frequently.
3. Never go Jalan Ampang during peak hours.
4. Coffee is a good approach to settle argument
5. Bukak puasa kt rumah jelah!!

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