30 September 2009

Dream on Perfect Prefect

I m not a perfect husband. I don't have a perfect wife. I am living in an imperfect house.
There is no perfect couple. There is no perfect gurl/guy also. Indeed the world we are living is not perfect at all.

Yet, why do we keep goin'?

People talk about going through a perfect marriage and hoping to have a perfect family. But people forget that the perfect world are only in one's dream. What people do is dreaming on to have a perfect live.

Yet, why do we keep hoping?

Nobody is perfect so learn from one mistake. A very cliché line of saying been there! Done That!
Do we look at ourself and become a perfect soul? Or shall we keep doing mistake to justify our imperfection?

Yet, why do we keep grumbling?

You are not perfect I am not perfect either. The bigger question is whether we can have a perfect understanding together. Embracing your imperfection should be the way to move forward.

Yet, why do we keep shouting?

What a manipulated inglorious bast#@rds

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bahiyah shariff said...

i was once watched (i watched it repeatedly actually)a very meaningful advertisement made by the Singaporean that expresses a message of being imperfect of a perfect couple. sometimes, being imperfect make us to be able to complete each other..=) same goes to siblings!!=)

mill said...

yup..sangat setuju..that y we need each other to be perfect...kesempurnaan hanya milik Allah yang SATU