22 May 2009

reality hurts...

Sighh... i wish i had all the time (24- 7) to play around with.

but in reality I would never had much time to put everything in order. How I wish I could become the 'astro guy' who would always have time on his side (remember astro max ad - "I got time!"... wtf..)

I dream I could have all the time around me. Unfortunately that is not the real world you would dying for... in reality, it hurts.. 

I've been juggling my time between Kuantan - KL - Penang - KL this whole week and i am totally exhausted. I wish i could take a break at least during half time but in reality, it hurts..

I've been following American Idol season 8 for the past 13 weeks without fail only at the last concert (which is yesterday) i have to catch it in Penang. Bad turned worst as i only realised my astro subscription in Penang didnt include 711 star world. 
For all the time and effort you have put through the last 13 weeks really gone to drain as i missed the finale. It was really an anti climax for all season endings..
becoz in reality, it hurts.

and what make me so sad after all when adam lambert only manage to come 2nd best last night.
sob sob sob.....
in reality.... it really really damn hurts. 

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