7 May 2009

Advertisement: Looking for new club to support; at least until season end

Me is a true blue Arsenal fan. I have been supporting Arsenal ever since Ian Wright was the prominent strike force and King Henry was a mere player in a supporting role. Patrick Viera was still wearing the majestic No 4 jersey and Tony Adams was the leader of the pack at the backs four. Back then the only chant we heard amongst fans was "1-0 to Arsenal". In those days, Arsenal was a true contender in all competitions they were involved in. 

We used to be immortal

"Times change real fast"

The current crops of Arsenal players are more boys rather than men. Nevertheless they have shown grits and characters in at least 3 fronts - The EPL campaign, FA cup and the Champions League. Unfortunately, the campaign ended quite dramatically at least for the later two which Arsenal was beaten in the semifinals. We were beaten by Chelsea in FA Cup competition whilst Arsenal went down to Man Utd in the Champions League Semifinal.

The build up for the two cup competitions was rather astute and compelling. These young guns were praised and admired by fans and the neutrals as true challengers. Yet when it come to the big days when guts and  pride were on the line, these young gunners were left choked and destroyed. It could have ended a fairy tale campaign for a big manager as Arsene Wenger to brag off all season yet when reality bites.. it hit real hard.

Last night UCL campaign was ended within 11 minutes when Man Utd scored their second goal of the night to make them leading 3-0 on aggregate. The moment Arsenal conceded the first goal, the reaction on Mr Wenger face was typically predicted. He could never find answer to why these gunners were simply shutting off at their own home turf.  It was a bitter pill to swallow for all gunners but this could be a turning point for us to reflect and move forward even better. I myself have stop believing with Mr Wenger approach on young players but sometimes when they really on form, they are simply too good. It will be a matter of time before these young players can find their rhythm that can suit the premiership direct playing style and I think the upcoming season many few areas such as our defence and set play must be addressed and if there is need to buy experience players by all means we need to buy them!

one mistake that led to disaster - Tony Jenkins

the masterclass kick that seperate us apart - AFP

As for now i have no more cups and campaign to support for ( fyi, Arsenal already secured the last place for next year UCL). It do not bother me much to wait for the last 3 games in EPL to decide the standings of the young guns. They are secured at least fourth in the league. The build up for next season has to begin now and for a start we have ARSHAVIN available for next season UCL. Arsene Wenger need to find balance between experience and tenacity in the squad for them to be a contender yet again. Otherwise we are 'gunner' have another season with empty silverware again and i will have to start advertising myself for another club somewhere else.. maybe in Burkina Faso. 

Yes! We need true leader in our dressing room, a respected leader like

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Anonymous said...

skrg kter sokong BARCA plak..nxt year kter ader ARSHAVIN..dun worry nxt yr msti mng byk trophies..