12 March 2009

Life was like a box of chocolates...

Today; the most anticipated announcement on media would be the SPM results. It would be either celebrated with joy or accepted in despair. Which ever which... take it as it go. This is not the end of the world yet it is only the beginning to life. My brother is also one of many SPM aspirants who would seek his destiny today. I hope he will do good or maybe even better than me. Good luck, eh bro!

I still remember the day I went back to koleq for my SPM result. It wasn't a cool day after all. Many of us come back with different kind of afterschool styles. It was the opportunity to show off a lil bit especially when one came with design jeans and rugged rock t shirt and walk in front of teachers especially those who you despised all along with a bit of character (read: dengan lagaknya) but indeed, you give some respects to these teachers. I think it was kind over to do such things  just to prove you are no longer a  student anymore.

I was not one of the top students back then when the results came out. In fact, I was unfortunate to be amongst the 'agregat lebih 10' . Unlike my other peers who excelled in their result, i was left all alone thinking what i did wrong. For a boarding school student to get any less that 10 agregate was unacceptable, i thought. It really hit me and it took me some weeks to get it over...

Looking back after 13 years, i believe my SPM results really served me well. It still help me for a place in UiTM. It has encouraged me to perform even better in my studies at university level . It led me to a different kind of life and met different set of peoples.  and today  I am  grateful that I took the path I've taken which my SPM result has been a part influential.  It has been a whining yet a beautiful life after all.

As Mr Forrest gump said it;
"My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." 

I hope I will capture more in life because the world we live in is worth fighting for.


Anonymous said...

nak coklat sekotak bleh encik forest??

Anonymous said...

yelah kita ni "agg. above 10" tapi alhamdulillah setakat ini semua "menjadi".

teringat saya kena makan vitamin ngan geng2 sebab "bengap" sangat..

~"burung" yang bawak moto and sorok belakang surau circa 95-96