2 March 2009

It was really a very good plan! yeayy

Prologue - Big Mistake
0015H 27/02/09

It's 15 minutes past. I was finishing my routine 'internet session' to dedicate one special posting to my milla as today's her birthday. However i only realised that i was quarter hour late to wish her in person when the clock tick midnight. Without putting myself in more trouble I ran down the staircase as hard as i can but to find my loved already buat muka chom (smirked her face) due to my lateness. "Oh no! One big mistake already? Now how?!", utter me to myself. As i tried everything to please her for my unconcern attitude; my mind was already working, and it's working real fast! "Damage was done, my dear and now you need a backup plan to make things all right again..." my inner me was telling me right.

Chapter One - My Destiny
1030H 27/02/09

As we were reaching the final moment of our meeting at Pelita Subang Jaya, my mind just can stop thinking what's the plan for my reconciliation. I need to do something right and it must have the element of surprises. The fact that i love surprises made me more excited and believe it can work through. First stop was Cake Sense. I need to get the best cake for my surprise and it has to be something my milla would love. Between a mousse cake and a tiramisu; which is more preferrable, eh?! After a short consultation with (thank you! you know who you are) I settled with tiramisu. I hope my judgement was right.

Next, the nearest florist. Woman loves flowers and it melts a woman's heart. A simple red rose with her favourite lavender should be the right combination to cheer her up. When i was in UK, i sent a bouquet of roses on her birthday thru' online services but this time it's too late to arrange for one. Afterall, i need a fresh idea to set the mood straight. My mind was juggling for ideas.. hmmm.

It's getting noon (and it's friday) and i rushed myself to Memory Lane to get her a simple yet beautiful birthday card. There wasnt much choice for wifey. Time was against me. Nevertheless as i always said, tuhan mempunyai esa,manusia mempunyai asa; my luck was with me. Amongst the limited choice that i have, there's stood one lovely card that later would complete my destiny. It was indeed the right choice.

Chapter Two - Everything in Place
1200H 27/02/09

This was how the suprise would work. A cake with lovely birthday wishes, a pretty red rose which was beautifully wrapped and a meaningful birthday card with my personal touching words. All-in-one go were placed in the fridge for Milla to find. Buleh terkejut kan?! ;) Cool eh..
I've tried to put everthing at one place but due to the limited space, i have compensated the card. Afterall, It should stand on its own somewhere in the fridge as you could see in these exhibits;

exhibit 1: tiramisu

exhibit 2: rose and lavender

exhibit 3: ambil kedudukan


Chapter Three - A Perfect End
1755H 27/02/09

It was nearly 6 pm. I havent got any call from her yet. Kind of worried though but i convinced myself that everything will turn well. The phone rang and it's her. "Yes my darling, you want me to come and pick you up now... What?! You need to stay a bit longer?! Why?! ohhh ok.. then i will wait for you at mom's, ok! Ok.. cheerio. Love u, yang.." Ohh Darn.. how come it turn out like this. Is she dissappointed with me still?! Cant be.. my milla never merajuk that long. Now i become a bit anxious. This waiting game was killing me. As day turned dark, came one S.O.S call i've been hoping for. My brother and 2 lil cousins were somewhere in Shah Alam and i need a rescue plan to save the day. With their helps and witty ideas the plan sticks with little make do. We prayed hard it turns good... and indeed it was really a perfect ending.

Epilogue - The Secret of Lasting Marriage
2145H 27/02/09

Suprise!!!! That was the signal to let everybody out from their hiding place. Milla was confused yet overhelmed. I knew she never expected we came out with this crazy ideas. Yes, she cried. There was a tearful joy in her eyes. Everybody did their part and they did it well.. we had the last laugh and we really enjoy the moment in making her smile again and i, of course simply proud of myself. As we had our dinner and have a taste of tiramisu, i could sense that she fell in love with me once more... :)

she was Pun'ked

Actres jemputan

actor in supporting role

biggest pretender

Happy birthday my dear.


Anonymous said...

my pleasure :))
gambar burookkkksss. haha

Anonymous said...

thnx for not mentioning the 'part of the show' thing.haha