26 March 2009

UMNO Youth got a new leader in the name of Khairy Jamaludin

KJ won big! 304 votes against 254 for KT and 232 for MM. Ironically during nomination it was the other way around when MM led handsomely along the way till this last ditch today. Very unfortunate him but this is UMNO politics.. in particular this is UMNO youth politics. Whoever have money leads.. you could never take away from it. 

And as we (read: delegates) have chosen a proven guilty candidate who was given green light to contest only by stern warning as our leader, we are sending bad signal to the public. Yes, we will know in 2 weeks time within the tri-by election.. by far how we will be faired amongst the real 'raja' - the rakyat. We'll see then.. 'nanti jangan pulak ingat kita tak pernah kata.. i told you so..'

p/s: apologies, i just cant stop writing about politics. It's in  the blood.

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Anonymous said...

ntah la abg oi..politics mmg flow along our veins and capillaries..xley nk bwat aper..haha