14 August 2008

2 Aug 2008 - Akad nikah

My sister was officially married on August the 2nd. We were happy that the solemnise (akad nikah) went on as planned with minimal glitches . Credit to the very very dedicated bro. hah hah hah.

As always, I wanted the pictures of that memorable day do the talking as i believe pictures tell lots of story in a single frame. Trust me!

[Disclaimer: most of the pictures were taken by my brother, Lutfi as i was busy organising the whole event. Credit to him. Indeed he was trying his best to photog in order to convince me he deserved my d70s! ]

last touch up

waiting game

Gate keeper

Love is in the air

Akad Nikah

cousins, next in line

the proud father and the groom

my lovely grandma on her third grandchild marriage

what we had that day... devilicious!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your time will come aa bro. nanti bila dah sampai, you'll have your hands full. tak dan nak update blog pun nanti...heheh

anyway, gambar masjid tu aku pakai adobe photoshop jer...aku pun tak dapat nak nolong cari, pasal...aku pun dah lupa...hehehe. tahun lepas punya gambar tu bang..hahah