19 August 2008

Rangkuman cerita in one go.

"Lo! man is a state of loss" - Al Asr (103, 2nd verse)
As we are catching up with time, one could never argue time is priceless.
On sports;
Young Guns showed some mantle. Arsenal 1 - 0 West Brom Albion
It was never the performance of the year and expectations was on the line for Arsenal in this 2008/2009 EPL campaign. Indeed the young guns know how to win ugly in order to survive another 36 games on the road. Samir Nasri was the talk of town with his goal on debut and I hope he could deliver more guns to the ailing gunner which is without great experiences in the side. "Arsene knows" might come to an ending if there is no silverware on the dock but Wenger must be all prepared with his witty and articulate answers to escape the sack. I believe in him... the same believe I have in him last year. Only this time i don’t want to end up in losing faith. Go Gooners!

photo: telegraph.co.uk

p/s: It's not looking very well with my yahoo fantasy line up either. I manage to score 0 pts, zilch! For an error of not saving my line up, I have wasted a potential 100 pts on the line... sigh. A bad start eh?!

Badminton Single - Quest for immortality; an Olympic gold
The only hope of Malaysian gold medal conceded defeat in a very humbling style. I bet the pressure on Chong Wei was too much to handle as he was carrying the hope of all Malaysians. It would be a sweet 51st Merdeka celebrations but unfortunately it never come. For all his tireless effort in semifinal, he never can transform the same desire on the finale day. Ouch, Hurts a lot! Tactical errors (I believe he should have been more positive/attacking play), a lot of unforced errors which give Lin Dan easy points and most likely the pressure was so high as he was also fighting thousands of Lin Dan supporters at the venue kept him out of focus. Too bad he could never really show his true potential but I wish him the best to come and perhaps with this experience and the right attitude, he will achieve his dream in London 2012. God's will.

But perhaps the best to conclude Chong Wei effort is how the sport has broaden the integration amongst Malaysian and frankly; it showed that we need to rely on each other's shoulder in order to be successful as a nation. Misbun can be proud to have Chong Wei as his protege and both has shown that spirit of Malaysia Boleh can bring one to the top of the world. Syabas.

Photo: Star pic

On Politics;

Permatang Pauh P.44 - Mother of all by elections!
This would be the biggest challenge for BN to date in rambling PKR's safest seat out of their hand. Even though another party also contesting for a 3 corner fights but it is clear this by election will see Anwar facing his former youth chief, Ariff Shah when Anwar himself was the Permatang Pauh UMNO division chief. Ariff Shah may not as popular as Anwar but indeed with a good 'serviceman' track records, he will give Anwar a good run of money. Definitely, both are confidence with a victory and Anwar seems to have an upper hand in his former constituency which has been 'kept' safe by his wife for the past 9 years.

pics: courtesy another blogger

The trend of voters on this by-election will reflect how much have the ‘rakyat’ responses to the recent GE. If the majority on Anwar's court rising, BN must identify their weakness and move forward while if the majority on Anwar is slimming, it is about time for Anwar to look into becoming a good MP rather than portraying himself as the next PM.

UiTM 10% quota issue
I wonder whether Tan Sri Khalid experienced sleepless night when he made his infamous ‘slip of the tongue’ about UiTM. To be caught in tangle with the students of UiTM who ‘bravely’ march themselves to the MB’s Office and delivered memorandum indeed was a new experience. I could not stop thinking why on earth Tan Sri Khalid wanted to make such statement in the first place. Worse, I am also pondering why UiTM in all ‘melatah teruk’ even as the PM himself stated that the MB doesn’t have any power on that policy. I am a product of ITM/UiTM. I believe in my potential and what has UiTM contributed in me as an asset of nation's human capital. Be it as a Young Officer in the reserves, a mechanical engineer by profession or as a silat cekak malaysia exponent.

And now the VC also caught in this ‘drama’ and is making worse to start legal action against the MB. Ohh my… tell me about it!

If I were the VC, this would be my response to the issue:

“Kita melihat apa yang diucapkan oleh Tan Sri MB sebagai suatu yang mampu memberi cabaran dan semangat kepada warga UiTM untuk membuktikan bahawa tanpa kemasukan pelajar bukan bumiputra pun, kita tetap setanding malah mampu lebih baik dari Institusi pengajian tinggi lain di negara ini.

Ia adalah satu cadangan, namun buat masa ini UiTM masih belum bersedia untuk membuka laluan kepada rakan2 kita yang lain kerana menyedari bahawa tanggungjawab sebagai institusi pengajian tunggal kepada bumiputra masih belum benar2 kita laksanakan secara menyeluruh.

Sehingga kita benar2 yakin bahawa golongan bumiputra telah berjaya diperjuangkan nasib mereka barulah cadangan seumpama itu boleh kita bincang dan pertimbangkan di masa akan datang."

Nah, kan mudah menjawabnya!

how unfortunate, i am not the VC. sigh.

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Anonymous said...


i am so proud of your statement la. If in the near future, you are to go into politics, i'm sure you'll be one that is approved by both sides although deep in my heart i know that politics itself is too dirty. you can never know who your real friends are.

i think you know where i stand in the political thinggy. Just would like a change.

As for the ITM thinggy, i agree with you 100% coz WTF are ITM babbling makin such a huge fuss on one person's point of view. and that person pun bukan bole buat apa pun! even mahathir pun pernah buat statement camtu, but since he was from UMNO, everythin's kewl.

wanna vommit la baca paper skrg nih!