26 August 2008

The D-day for mother of all elections

[Mutakhir: DS Anwar menang dengan majoriti yag lebih besar, 15671]
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As per my posting, it will be 5 hours before the polling station opened. 58459 eligible voters will cast their votes at respective polling stations to determine who will be the next MP of Permatang Pauh replacing 'resigned' Datuk Seri Azizah.
It will be a battle of david and goliath and the votes will determine whether ppl of Permatang Pauh will choose to 'memerdekakan permatang pauh' or 'memerdekakan rakyat'. May the force be with you. ;)
and for the umpteenth time (13x) my grandmother will cast her vote in bukit indera muda, permatang pauh. Not bad for an 86 years old superGrand eh?
and this is very much she said about her next voting schedule.
"hangpa toksah dok ingat kita semua boleh dok senang la ni kalau takdak barisan..."
hmmm. enough said. lol

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Saiful Ambar Abdullah Ambar said...

Pray for things to come out smooth & fine. Let the people of Permatang Pauh decide. Anyway, sorry for leaving so early last night, my prince dok tak dok diam.We'll meet again brother..:)