30 December 2009

cuti-cuti Malaysia - family road trip

Malaysians are blessed with many festivals and celebrations. It is likely due to our own unique diversity. Every community celebrate one's festival in rich cultures and traditions with the other would join hand in the spirit of harmony.

Festival/ holiday also a point to breakaway from daily routine and enjoy oneself with the company of the loves one. Indeed that what happened to me and family who took our break on a road trip along coastal road of Selangor and Perak in conjunction with the recent awal muharram celebration.

This is how the story goes...

nice cloud awaiting us near sekinchan

making our way towards Lumut on Alphard. jeng jeng jeng

our first pit stop - muara Sungai Hj Dorani

baby aleesya also tag along

kamal did some stretching before hand

it was not something we anticipated. the monsoon should be on the other side of the coast!!

baby aleesya

abg kamil awaiting his dinner

everybody was here except yours truly (unofficial photog)

Ayah giving his approval on bangchik new bunkface hairstyle

the best ikan bakar in town.. artis ramai datang.. not that nite la!

post natal punya diet. :)

kanak-kanak ribena bermain pasir

geng bolot kerusi pantai

teluk batik on holiday mood

generation gap in teluk batik

dont get me wrong, this was a truly 1 Malaysia spirit with all giving a helping hand 'memukat'

david hassselholf?

harimau datang... wuarghhh

i love this shot so much. tks milla

the happy family.

the gile2 couple

our vow

catch me if you can

on our way to pasir salak, a stopover for fuel. 2 orang bakal soljar

a time travel experience. Recommended

off to Teluk Intan, on the way stop over for lunch at the famous mastan ghani outlet. Their specialty mee rebus and rojak.

a shot inside the leaning tower of pisa  Teluk Intan

Yes, i need to tone down that back

Our own royal tenenbaums

On our way back home, lunch stopover in Sg Panjang for a taste of makanan hutan.
we have landak, pelanduk, kijang, mata harimau , ikan keli, and many more
Recommended for food cravers

That's all folk. Next trip is Southern part of peninsula. Till then, bubbye!


milla said...

Sangat seronok bile dapat cuti2 malaysia together2 kan..especially kalu ngn family..habisss dietttt!!!hehe

eena said...

kalau nak pegi southern part, singgah makan seafood at muara sg duyung @ melaka, nasi briyani @ batu pahat..