24 December 2009

Malaysia di sana sini boleh

Malaysian are not creative enough in content department. Yes, as far that i noticed we are lacking in producing the right material and content whether in entertainment industry or simply in news. For instance, the Malays are still stuck in our tabloid, gossip like news stand. The story of divorcee, artist marriage or even rape cases would sell papers. I cannot understand how the headlines 'datuk nafsu syaitan' can get paper especially 'metro' and kosmo' sold like hot cakes! (or in malays; pisang goreng). This shows the level of our mentality still caught in our own 'pandora's box' rather than seeking  better stimulating news such as economy, businesses or climate change. Malays just dont give a darn, do we?

On tv, we are fed with numbers of game shows which don't stimulating our mind at all. Worst, these game shows are all imported from other countries popular shows. For instance, the reality show of 'akademi fantasia' is a mock off a brazilian show. Bolos is a copycat of the same concept game show from Japan. We have our roda impian a direct duplicate of Wheel of Fortune. That doesnt count the license show such as Ford Supermodels, Fear Factor Malaysia, our very on biggest loser and many more. I'm afraid it could be to the extend that we wont cater local content at all when it comes to games show. Sigh.

Why dont we give permainan tradisional a place in our entertainment industry. Maybe it can instill some semangat Malaysia Boleh and 1 Malaysia?

I hope we dont come to the extend to offer such game show like 'Saya lebih bodoh dari murid kelas 3' in our entertainment scene. Otherwise, that would be the day the music die.

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