18 December 2009

Rangkuman Citer in one go again?! - part iv

A much needed tirade during half time released the potential of young bhoys. They really turned into men when required. I have pity  to the Kops but in this big league, mercy only lead to crazy. We are now 6 pts behind lead leader with one game in hand. Arshavin was the detractor, only in his second game against Liverpool, he has scored 5 times. With his sublime trademark thunder shot, he was a class on his own. Arshavin was really in his element and the 3 points prove one thing.. "we are serious with the title.. and we will never give up". Go gunters Gunnerz!

the shot that made the different

update: after a good win on the weekend, Arsenal went back to sleep only managing a draw against the resilient Clarets. Now we are 8 points behind leader with one game in spare. What, u think we can win the spare game easily?! dream on arsene and the bhoys yet again! sigh

On domestic scene, Malaysian Football team had pull number of surprises by making to the final of SEA Games, Vientiane.  First, they beat the defending champion Thailand on the road to semis. During the semi final they have beaten host nation who had the whole nation behind them by quite a margin 3-1. Malaysia will then again play Vietnam whom they lost earlier in the group stage. No need to fear as the confidence in Malaysian contingent look high at the moment. Just play the game and enjoy the experience. This would be a good chance for the Malaysian to prove that we are still a powerhouse in ASEAN football. After 20 years hiatus, this could be our good chance for gold! go go power puff boys!

update: Malaysian Harimau Muda did Malaysia proud by bagging the gold medal after a 1 - 0 win against mighty Vietnam. It was fourth time hard luck for the Vietnam team as they were kept silence all night by the energetic Harimau Muda. It was refreshing to see all Malaysian come together once again for the moment and it come at the right time when we need extra tonic to move forward in football arena. I am proud to be associated with the young Malaysian team! Malaysia Boleh.

p/s: i hope the humility is still there to the taking, no need for some datukship hype in the making. They are fighters and should soldier on without too much politicking and media hype.

Malaysian Politics would never shorts of issue. From the internal crisis in MCA, MIC, PPP, PKR, PAS to name a few. It looked that the 'suara rakyat' for reformation once again being neglected due to power struggle amongst politician. However i must say one politician who stand tall out of the rest is Najib Tun Razak, I am no arse kissing chap (maybe something i do shit!) but the current workrate of Najib is much much better from the his predecessor, Tun Lah. Najib Razak seemed everywhere in the globe. One he was in his constituency, distributing cows for Qurban, another day he was celebrating eidul adha somewhere in Bahamas. Pheww.. that is some public officer which we want in our politician. With his 1 Malaysia concept plus the transformation in government look progressing, one could wonder what would be the downfall of Najib and his BN party. He is striving as much as he could but i reckon other cabinet members will emulate his desire and energy to serve the people. Time will tell.. after all as one of my closest aide  reminded me "every great leaders have great flaws." Najib would have his flaws (under the radar) too.

Dengan izin,

Cuti panjang sekolah antara yang di tunggu oleh anak anak. Ada yang mengambil kesempatan untuk ke LIMA Langkawi dan serata negeri. Lain pula dengan 37 anak anak yang memilih untuk menjadi dewasa. Mereka diraikan dalam majlis berkhatan beramai2 di Masjid Jamek Pokok Machang.

the boys who brave themselves

the opening act by Dato Sri Pengerusi Qariah

having the time of themselves

watch by others

the moment of truth.

I remembered when i was circumcised. That was 20 years ago. I was the first to be circumcised amongst the six. In the beginning, it was all ok but once the anesthetic run dry... then come all the drama. We cried all night, struggling with pain cursing ourselves for letting ourself being cut! None of us understand that was the day when boys become man. Reminiscing the memory for all time sake was breathtaking and now seeing those little boys putting a brave face for an episodeof their life made the whole experience worth to be documented. Kudos to the boys. No pain no gain, Now you are real man! *wink wink*

My brother, Milla and myself has started our own biggest losers quest. Yes we are! For a start we are bound to pay RM1 per rice intake we consume on every meal session. As for now, Bangchik is leading the fine with RM12. I try to maintain a healthy diet but still short of having to pay RM5 fine for my rice. Milla seem unperturbed with rice and she is only at RM2 at this juncture. Again, league is not won in December, there will be month long to go when we will realise how much we have reduce our rice intake in order to lose some pounds. We are really in contention this time and hopefully by year end we will have ample fund to spend us a nice nasi beriyani kambing outings :P
ohh btw we have started our gym session too.. and i think we are seriyus this time.. ahahah.

this year only me and apek represented our batch. that's bad

me and the host- En Suhaimi

Last Saturday I was at MCOBA Dinner by invitation of Suhaimi Sulaiman, a fellow old boys and anchor of Astro AWANI. It was a great get together between old boys of an institutional famous for her prodigal sons the likes of Tun Razak, Anwar Ibrahim et al. MCKK (or some people prefer calling M C gay gay) was a place close to every old boys' heart. We will do anything in the name of the school and proud to be associated to it. On that night we were even prouder to accolades Mr Liew; the first non malay member of the prestige MCOBA. His contribution to the excellence of Malay College BasketBall team is exceptional even the award could not match up. We hope he will pursue his passion  and let it be a true example of 1 Malaysia unity. For more story about Mr Liew, please go here

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