28 December 2009

Vision 2020, a dreamcatcher

It's four days before the end of the decade. Come year 2010, we will be progressing another mile in this great millenium. Things are rapidly move forward and I kept questioning myself whether we can catch on with the progression and development. I hope we are and we shouldl put our faith in the necessity and demands rather than  indulge ourselves with wishes and desire. The era of globalisation has caught us in between and making ourselves equipped indivually or as a society in facing the world of borderless should be our first priority.

The glimpse of new world has been envisioned wisely by our long serving Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Looking to Japan as model and how the country ruined by the blast of two atomic bombs rise to the occasion and became one of the indusrious nation in the 21th century is something to be emulated. When Japan surrendered after the bombings and signed a treaty not to be involved in world war again, Emperor Akihito knew the only way to bring back the glory of Japan was by becoming a world leader in Industry. Hence, from the bloodshed and tears of his people, Japanese built back their nation and set a 30 years vision for them to be at par with the American and European. and they succeeeded. Now, Japan can be proud of the products that live within every house in this world. Whether we are watching Panasonic TV or driving Toyota on a Bridgestone tyre with Sony Erricson handphone in hand, the emperor's wisdom has fulfilled his people.

Malaysia has come through a period of 20 years of the vision 2020 since Dr Mahathir came with the idea in 1990. Over the years Malaysia has gone through a period of progress, trouble, uncertainty yet we still making roads  towards  fulfilling the nine agenda in making Malaysia a developed nation. With the requisite of 8% growth every year towards 2020, this last decade could be the catalyst in making this one dream come true. Are we ahead of time or way lagging behind?! In the past years or so our economy growth was way below the 8% target. Our GDP per capita income was mere between USD15,000 to USD17,000 comparing to a neighbouring country at USD55,000. At the current scenario, are we simply off tangent of the target set?

2010-2020 will be a significant period for us to do ourself justice whether our dream will come true or we shall continue dreaming to another decade. I wish Tun Dr Mahathir would live long to see his Malaysian Dream come true. God's will

Bendera berkibar di angkasa
Lambang negara jaya
Rakyat sepakat sehati sejiwa
Dengan berbakti dengan megah

Hadapi cabaran masa muka
Penuh tenaga murni
Bakti dicurah sehara-sehala
Dengan wawasan yang suci

Wawasan meningkat kemajuan
Tiada lagi kepincangan
Kemewahan rasa-dirasai
Bersama kita nikmati

Wawasan 2020
Satu pandangan jauh
Bukan impian malah kenyataan
Bersama kita jayakan

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