29 July 2008

tribute to kak ayu.

kak ayu dearie,

It seems only yesterday when we were young, adolescent and having much fun together. Now you have grown up and within the next 4 days will embark into another important journey of your life – your dream marriage. I must admit that we were never the closest siblings. In fact I used to regard you as my nemesis, in getting the best attention from ayah and mak. ;) At time, as the elder sibling, I would be given the benefit of doubt by ayah and mak when things (read: quarrelling) get out of hand. Even though on some occasions we were merely ‘having fun’ but as you ended up crying, I definitely will be in trouble due to my seniority. Erghh. I reckon those events had led us to be much apart of our growing up years.

As we grew older, I observed that you have become wiser and stronger . You have changed a lot in response of the environment around you. You have build up a belief that all responsibilities are bestowed upon you. Thus, you have developed into a strong character yourself in dealing with other siblings. The tough character made you more responsible, aware and helpful in many ways. It reflected when you dedicated yourself for my wedding reception last year and indeed I promised myself to take the same honours on yours this year. Terima kasih kak ayu

kak ayu,
You have grown into a better person. Even at times you could be the most difficult person to handle; I believe it is because you developed a perception that ayah and mak love you less. The truth is, ayah and mak gave all the love for us equally and always in presence during our up and down. I remembered how mak has to travel down to Malacca when you were sick and ayah is such a sport, never question what you want to do in life. Certainly, these make me believe that they have all the love for you and always want the best for you. It has come in form of Azizi and they repaid their love by having faith that Azizi completes you.

Honestly, I am scared of losing you. I know you can’t accommodate much of your time for the family anymore. I suppose kak chik, baby and bangchik will miss you the most. How good of you taking care of them, how happy they were when you spent them on cinema and Japanese food and how sweet you could be when you guys were quarreling and reconciled. But we could never be that selfish, couldn’t we? For that, we are accepting abg jiji with open arms into the family. :)

"Pena ini tak mungkin akan berhenti kerana abang rasa masih banyak memori pahit dan manis yang telah kita lalui untuk dinukilkan. Biarlah itu semua terus terpahat dalam sanubari kita dan menguatkan semangat dan tekad kita untuk terus hidup dan menyatukan keluarga… "

Kak ayu,
I could never imagine that we have build a much better brother and sister relationship over these years. Whatever the mistakes, difference and challenge that we have gone through, please bare in mind that you are my sister and always will be…

Selamat Pengantin baru.
we wish you a wonderful and blissful marriage.


equuleus said...

im out of words..

kawaii_desu said...

so sweet...

as we grow older and physiclly further from each other only then we tend to appreciate our siblings haha