7 July 2008

A very undemocratic UMNO Pulau Pinang

In the news today: All Penang UMNO divisions will nominate YAB Paklah for presidency and YAB Najib for Deputy President. It didnt come as a surprise but the conduct should be considered the biggest mistake to date.

It become apparent the action taken by the Penang UMNO liaison Committee was mere way to seek 'consolation' from the BOSS for losing Penang. How cheap!! I am not against YAB Paklah nor the UMNO PP decision but when this thing happened; i believe UMNO will lose its quest in getting back the public support.

By announcing on media about the so-called 'consensus' decision, the deputy UMNO liaison chief, Datuk Rashid has made a 'mockery' on himself because he previously admitted during one PC in Penang prior to the annoucement that some divisions has requested for Paklah to step down due to the poor election result. Why suddenly?! sudah tukar ka?

I am a believer and a realist. The biggest mistake of UMNO to date after almost 3 & half months of losing power is UMNO still cannot accept the defeat gracefully. It is a pity and it reflected back to the party and its leaders. If a leader cannot accept his defeat then how we are going to progress forward? Think! Think!

p/s: I thought i'm the only one who consider this as an undemocratic approach by whoever in Power, indeed my sentiments were shared by Datuk Ron and Dr Novandri.

Latest: UMNO Selangor is taking the same approach as UMNO PP. Another bloody tool fool!




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kawaii_desu said...

salam ziarah...

can help to wonder since i'm a penangite, bila kata persetujuan tu diberi sedangkan around 17hb baru cawangan2 mula bersidang???

i suppose they are still in denials.. sad thing and rather frustrating for the loyal members of UMNO

morkymoqq said...

Dr Novandri,

Terima kasih kerana memberi kepercayaan. Insya Allah.


Begitulah bila tampuk kuasa menjadi pertaruhan. Apa sahaja yang dilakukan, mesti ada agenda kepentingan sendiri yang didahulukan.

semoga kita tak terjebak dan terus berjuang demi bangsa!

kawaii_desu said...

itulah jadi bila kita membenarkan tamak haloba menguasai diri.. be rationale is important... tapi...